English Rye Mild

John walks up to the table and asks Matt, “What the frak do you want?”

Good start.

Dangerous Man Brewing Company is happy to present it’s English-style mild featuring the tableau fortuna Rye! John Leingang, bearded nerd-God extraordinaire, created this recipe with historical British milds in mind, and as such it features all British malts, British Hops, and an English strain of yeast. To add a bit of our American exceptionalism, John decided Rye, and a hefty boost of it, was to be added to this mild giving a nice spicey-anisey twang to the chocolate flavors pulled from the brown malt. John, under the purview of Keigan and Rob, decided to include three different types of Rye malt, each for a particular purpose. He included typical rye malt for the distinctive rye spice, crystal rye for color, toffee-like sweetness backed up with spice, and flaked rye to boost the body character and offer more draw.

It is the hopes that this beer will be a sessionable winter pub-style ale that goes down smooth and easy. This was John’s first brew day managing the Dangerous Man brewhouse under the supervision of Keigan Knee. He’s strapped on his dad pants, his brewer’s pants, and now we all get to be the critics. Show him some love!

The interview continued with John:

In a nasally voice, he adjusts his super frakking nerdy glasses and says, “well, I really like Rye. Like really like it. I can’t not like it, because I like it so much. So much so that I hope Spock marries me in a beautiful wedding featuring swans dressed as Klingon raiders, and me and Spock punt their heads like dandelions. I’m dressed in typical Romulan wedding garb, Spock in Vulcan, and we merge our intergalactic worlds in a logical, yet expressive, symphony of love.

I gave him my blessing, helped prepare their ceremony, and they are currently docking on Deep Space 9. Pictures of the wedding below.











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Flavor Notes

Brown malt and rye spice dominate the nose of this mild, with a pleasant, almost marmalade fruitiness characteristic of English yeast supporting the initial waft. Medium body, with a russet brown color with hints of ruby and orange, this Rye Mild has notes of dark chocolate, toffee, rye spice, and espresso.


Brown Malt, Rye, Flaked Rye, Crystal Rye

Food Pairings

Fatty or Bacon dishes, Anchor Fish & Chips, Roast Chicken and Pork, Hearty Vegetables.