Can I get your beer in my Bar/Liquor Store??

No. We do not distribute outside of the taproom and growler shop.

Do you ship your beer?

We don’t, so you’ll just have to buy that plane ticket and come to the taproom!

Do you sell gift cards and merch?

Yes of course! Both are available in the taproom, growler shop, or online HERE.

Can I rent your space?

No. As of right now we are easing into our reopened taproom but check back in the fall!

What do you have on tap?

Check the home page for an up-to-date listing of beers on tap. Follow us on your preferred means of social media to keep up to date with new and limited beer releases.

I got drunky drunk and left something in the taproom? What do I do?

Message us on Facebook for the promptest response, or email and we’ll check for you. For credit cards and IDs, please bring another form of identification.

I want to tour your brewery please!

We’re not currently offering brewery tours to the public.

I’m looking for a beer/merch donation for a fundraiser, or am interested in collaborating to raise money for a good cause. Who do I talk to?

We’ve got details about our giving and volunteer program over on our community page. Start there!