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The Growler Shop is open Thursday – Saturday.  We have crowlers and growler fills available, as well as merchandise. Our crowler and growler fill list is available below, as well as a link to our online store. Thanks for your continued support!

The shop is located 2 doors down (North) from the taproom.

GROWLER RETURN/FILL UPDATE: We will no longer take our empty glass growlers back. Keep them, give them away, repurpose them, donate them, or recycle them! When you purchase a fill, we will no longer charge a deposit for the glass growlers or minis. What does that mean? When you buy a growler fill or a mini howler fill, get a FREE glass growler/howler! If you bring in your own non-DM growlers, we will fill those too, as long as they are clean and either 64oz or 750 ml!

Growler Fills: We offer a rotating variety of growler fills in the shop. As always, our growlers are either 64oz or 750ml.  If you’d like to bring in your own vessel, please make sure it is CLEAN! We will not fill a dirty growler, and we sure hope you wouldn’t drink out of one. We will fill clean growlers from other breweries, but we will NOT exchange them for a DM growler. If you have a glass DM growler that doesn’t pass the smell test, or has been in your garage for a little too long, we’ll happily swap that one out for a fresh one.

All of our beer is unpasteurized and should be drank FRESH! Please keep your growlers and crowlers cold, and drink them as soon as you can. The maximum recommended shelf life is 2 weeks for growlers and 3 months for crowlers. Again, please refrigerate your beer!

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In the Growler Shop

Barrel Aged Belgian Dark Strong


Belgian10%25 IBU

Belgian Golden Strong

Crowlers$12On Tap

Belgian10.8%23 IBU

Belgian Table Beer


Belgian4.5%25 IBU

Big Citrus Crush Sour IPA

CrowlersGrowlersOn Tap

Fruited IPA6.5%%30 IBU

Coconut Milk Stout

Crowlers$9On Tap

StoutSweet6.5%40 IBU

Cream Ale

Crowlers$8Growlers$15On Tap

Light & Crisp5.5%20 IBU

Green Desert- Green Tea Saison

CrowlersOn Tap

5%20 IBU

Hazerado NE IPA


Hazy IPA7%33 IBU

Heirloom Sipper Mexican Corn Lager (Collab w/ Nixta Tortilleria)


LagerLight & Crisp4.2%17 IBU

House IPA

Crowlers$9Growlers$17On Tap

Hoppy7.0%50 IBU

Juicy Tension Session IPA


5%35 IBU

Jungle Cat Barrel Aged Hard Seltzer


Hard Seltzer11.1%%


Crowlers$8On Tap

Light & Crisp5.0%20 IBU

Lucky 13 Speciální Czech Lager



Mango Papa Lime


Hard Seltzer5.5%


Crowlers$9On Tap

Malty6%28 IBU


CrowlersOn Tap

Malty5.8%20 IBU

P's & B's - Sour with Peaches, Blackberries and Cranberries

CrowlersOn Tap

8%18 IBU

Peaches to the Beaches



Peanut Butter Porter

Crowlers$9Growlers$17On Tap

Dark & Roasty6.0%26 IBU

Prickly Pineapple Pear Jelly Belly Ale

CrowlersOn Tap


RazzWah Fruited Sour

Crowlers$9On Tap

FruitySour5%%13 IBU

The Bee's Knees Lemon Honey Hard Seltzer

Crowlers$10Growlers$20On Tap

Hard Seltzer6%%

The Werks IIPA Collab with Maltwerks

Crowlers$14On Tap


Too Cheeky - A Classic Pale Ale

CrowlersOn Tap

Pale Ale5.4%38 IBU

Vienna Lager

Crowlers$9On Tap

LagerSmokey5.8%16 IBU

Watermelon Lemonade Shandy Sour

CrowlersOn Tap

4.8%15 IBU